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Is a contract required for webhosting?
No, a contract is not required. You can pay monthly, quarterly, every 6 months or yearly and cancel at the end of your payment cycle.


Do I need to transfer my domain registration in order to be hosted by Starlite Network?
Transferring your domain registration is optional. If the domain is nearly expired you should consider transferring the registration. Doing so will automatically renew the registration. If there is a considerable amount of time left before the domain expires you could just update the nameservers instead of transferring the registration.

Can Starlite Network help me move my website from my previous host?
Yes, we can assist or move the site for you under the following conditions: 

1. Your previous host uses cpanel and has the cpanel backup option enabled.

2. Your previous host allows ftp access to your website and you know the ftp username and password.

3. If you need a database moved, your previous host must provide a way to dump the database.

This can be done using ssh access or a cpanel backup. If the database is not very large we may be able to

export it  using PhpMyAdmin.

Can I change my webhosting plan?
You can upgrade or downgrade your webhosting plan at anytime by visiting your account manager.

I would like to sell products on my website. Do you provide a secure connection for my shopping cart?
We provide shared ssl certificates on all of the servers. The url would be in the format of If you would prefer that the secure url include your domain name instead of the server name you can purchase a ssl certificate for $29.95 per year.

I need to host multiple domains and am not sure if I need a reseller account or shared hosting account with addon domains.
Addon domains share the home directory and cpanel of the main account. If you need each domain to have access to the cpanel you would have to give them the main username and password for your account. If you want each account to have its own cpanel and home directory a reseller account would be more appropriate. If the addon accounts don't need cpanel access a shared hosting account would be appropriate.


What payment methods are acceptable?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Paypal. 

Do you offer hosting on Windows Servers?
No, all of our hosting is done on Linux servers.

Can you host a website that was created using a Mac or non-Windows computer?
Yes, we can host any website that is created using a non-Windows computer.

Can I install my own scripts or am I limited to using the scripts provided by Starlite Hosting?
Yes, you can install your own scripts.

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